Heal Yourself with Color and Light

Colored light vibrations can be used to improve your physical, emotional and mental abilities.

Color Energy is REAL!  Our bodies instantly react to color vibrations because these vibrations are naturally present in each and every one of us.  Once you discover how color energies can rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, you never again will be “left in the dark”.Colors of the visible spectrum are powerful sources of vital energy.  Learning how to use those energies will bring you newfound abilities to achieve emotional balance and improve all aspects of living.

Being aware of colors is the first step towards using the color energies to your advantage. Being in-tune with our color energies gives us the ultimate power to heal ourselves from within. Our bodies are designed to process colors on many levels. Each color of the spectrum has its own energy, its own vibration, its own connection to our bodies and our minds.

Here are the Best 7 Energy Supplements on Earth and what they relate to in your life

RED – Your Body, Touch, See, Smell, Taste, Physical Goals, Sex,Safety, and Security
ORANGE – Social Interactions, Happiness, Tolerance, Creativity, Pleasure
YELLOW – Activity, Learning, Excitement, Optimism, Self-Worth
GREEN – Love, Family, Compassion, Growth, Support, Financial Stability
BLUE – Truth, Beauty, Purity, Enlightenment, Self-Expression, Communication
INDIGO – Seeing more than meets the eye, Intuition, Creativity, Self-Responsibility
VIOLET – Spirituality, Self-Knowledge, Teaching, Inspiration, Artistic Expression


If you are lacking energy in any of these areas, the related colors can provide you with needed support. Find the colors you need in any form and consciously expose yourself to them. 

By the way, all of them are equally important to your well-being! You may need some of them more than the others due to inner imbalance. Balance your inner energies and live your life as it was meant to be!

Here is how colors can enter your system: 

  • You can look at a color and receive its energy.
  • You can think of a particular color during meditation and successfully channel its energy through your body. 
  • You can wear colors to alter how you feel and how others feel about you.
  • You can consume natural colors as food and beverages to benefit your health.  Colorful diet is highly recommended by all physicians!
  • You can enjoy the effects of LUMIA Therapy! Lumia Therapy uses frequencies of colored light to balance the energies within the body. For instant color energy absorption, colored light is projected directly onto the areas of the body in need of attention.  www.lumiascience.com
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Follow the Chakras & Colors chart below to better understand
the connection between colors and your body’s energy system.

Chakras and Colors

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